The Latest Products of “SKB West”: 

  • low-power stabilitrons, series BZV55C, ZMM;
  • average power stabilitrons, type ZM47XX;
  • radio-frequency diodes – noise generators ND201L;
  • diodes – noise generators ND103, ND104 in KD-3 case, ND101L, ND102L, ND103L, ND104L in KD-34 case, standard GOST 18472-88 (miniMELF);
  • pulse diodes 2D 814A, 2D 814A1 in KD-3 and KD-34 case, standard GOST 18472-88;
  • information-management system for baling machines manufactured by OAO “Bobruiskagromash”;
  • control panel for flax baling machines manufactured by OAO “Bobruiskagromash”;
  • monitor units and display units of operating practices and on-board information-management systems for combine harvesters manufactured by OAO “Lidagroprommash” and RUP “Gomselmash”;
  • automated control systems of bulk and liquid fertilizer consumption for aggregates of measured application of fertilizers;
  • microprocessor mass control systems for towed feed distributors for weigh batching of components when preparing fodder for various groups of animals;

Manufacture of semiconductor devices and electronic systems for agricultural machinery industry is ensured by the pilot production of our company and by OAO “Tsvetotron”.