Thermistors TRA-1.1

Thermoresistors made on the basis of single crystals of synthetic semiconductor diamond with a negative temperature coefficient of resistance in the metal-glass

case KD-34 GOST 18472-88 (miniMELF) are designed for operation in AC and DC electric circuits as temperature-sensitive elements of temperature sensors, fluid flow rate or Gas, rarefaction and temperature compensation of electrical circuit elements.


            The dimensional drawing of the thermistor is shown in the figure.

            The increased operating temperature of the medium is 125 оС.

            The maximum dissipation power of thermistors (Рмакс) at a temperature of 25 0С is not more than 0.5 W.

            The increased limiting temperature of the medium is 300 оС.

            Low operating temperature of the environment minus 60 оС.

            The lower limit temperature of the medium is minus 200 оС.

            Change in the temperature of the medium from minus 60 ° C to plus 125 ° C.

            The weight of the thermistor is not more than 0.04 g.