The system of mapping yields of combine harvesters with the function of remote monitoring SKU-01


The system for mapping yields of grain harvesters with the remote monitoring function SKU.01 (hereinafter referred to as the system) is designed to determine the

yield of grain crops in relation to the coordinates of grain harvesters and universal energy sources.

System СКУ.01 consists of: block terminal graphic (further - БТГ); An input-output block (hereinafter - BVB); GPS positioning unit (hereinafter referred to as "BP"); Humidity sensor; Angle sensor; Optical sensors; Harnesses.

BTG is designed to display information from various sensors, implement the "operator-combine" dialogue. BTG is installed in the cab of the combine.

BVV is designed to collect information from the nodes and working bodies of the combine, its transformation and transmission to the CAN network. BVB is installed in a special cabinet for connection to the electric scheme of the combine.

The PSU is designed to determine the location of the combine in terms of both height and speed. The PSU is installed in the cab of the combine. The GPS antenna and the GSM antenna are connected to the BP unit. The GPS antenna is designed to receive signals from the GPS / NAVSTAR satellite navigation system in the WGS-84 coordinate system. The GSM antenna is designed to connect the system to a remote computer (server).

The humidity sensor serves to determine the moisture content of the grain in the stream. Installed in the lower part of the casing of the charging screw.

The tilt sensor serves to measure the angle of inclination of the combine with respect to the vertical plane. It is installed on the horizontal plane of the combine body parallel to the Earth's surface.

Optical sensors serve to determine the amount of grain passing per unit of time through the grain elevator of the combine. Installed in the side walls of the grain elevator housing.

Harnesses serve to connect the components of the system to the power source, connecting them to each other and to the combine.

It is allowed to supply the system with separate blocks and in the complete set, declared by the consumer.

Technical specifications


1 Operating temperature range from minus 10 ° С to plus 50 ° С.

2 The system monitors the following parameters:

- moisture content of the grain;

- tilt angle;

- volume of grain (current, total);

- treated area (current, total).

3 Information on 2 is displayed on the BTG screen in analog, light, digital form, has an audible warning.

4 The system provides the ability to calibrate the humidity sensor, angle sensor, optical sensors, the actual weight of the grain.

5 The system provides for the possibility of collecting data received from sensors and recording them on a removable medium (memory card) for subsequent transfer of information to a personal computer.

6 The system provides the ability to display information about faults.

7 The system is powered by an on-board network with a nominal voltage of 12 V or 24 V.

8 The maximum power consumption is not more than 100 W.

9 The weight of the system is not more than 3.0 kg.


10 Degree of protection against penetration of foreign bodies and water according to GOST 14254:

- IP54 (category 2) for BTG and BP;

- IP65 (category 2) for the remaining units.

11 Mean time between failures not less than 10 000 h.

12 The average recovery time of the system should be no more than 3 hours.

13 Average service life should be at least 8 years on STB 1616-2011