The system of applying preservatives

The system for the application of preserving agents of SVK (hereinafter referred to as the system) is intended for controlling the process of processing stalked forages

with preservative solutions in order to preserve their nutritional value and preserve the feed during storage.

The CRS system is installed on self-propelled harvesters: John Deere, Jaguar, Claas, Rostselmash, Gomselmash, Don.

System components: control unit (BU), display unit (BI), filter, flow sensor (flowmeter), electric pump, atomizer unit, mini valve, mass availability sensor, connecting hoses, bundles, canister assembly.

The principle of the system is as follows: the liquid from the canister, through a suction filter, is fed by a pump under pressure to the spray unit mounted on the silo pipeline and enters the ground green mass. As the liquid passes through the mass sensor, the amount of liquid that has passed through a unit of time is fixed. The signal from the sensor is fed to the BU, processed by it, then the information is displayed on the BI, which is installed in the cab of the combine and serves to display information coming from the BU and controlling the technological modes of operation of the system.





1 Operating temperature range from plus 1 ° C to plus 45 ° C.

2 The system displays the parameters as indicated in the table.


the table.

Indicated parameter

unit of measurement

Display range

The set flow rate (outflow rate)


from 1,00 to 10,00

Current flow rate (flow rate)

Amount of liquid consumed


from 1 to 300


3 The system monitors the following parameters and mechanisms:

- operative change of the volume of liquid supply (preservative);

- pump activation;

- the presence of green mass in the silo.

4 Deviation of supply of working fluid from the established norm ± 5%.

5 The system provides a choice of operating mode - automatic or manual.

6 The system provides for the possibility of accumulating and outputting statistical (emergency) information.

7 The system is powered by the onboard network of a combine harvester with a nominal voltage of 24 V.

8 The maximum power consumption is not more than 150 W.

9 Load current on the control channel is not more than10 A.

10 Insulation resistance of the bundles is not less than 20 MΩ.

11 Weight of the system (14 ± 1) kg.

12 The degree of protection of the display unit (hereinafter - BI) provided by the enclosure (sheath 2) IP53 in accordance with GOST 14254. The protection degree of the control unit (hereinafter - BU) provided by the enclosure (sheath 2) IP65 according to GOST 14254.

13 The average operating time for a complex failure (during the warranty period) should be at least 115 hours for STB 1616-2011.

14 Average recovery time - no more than 3 hours.