The onboard information-control system of a universal power facility BIUS-UES

The onboard informational-control system of the universal power means BIUS-UES

is designed for control and management of technological modes of operation of units and aggregates, hinged devices of agricultural machinery (UES, harvesters, etc.). The system is installed on the universal power facilities "Polesie" and similar.

Composition of the product:

 Block terminal graphic (BTG.01) - for displaying information and managing technological modes of operation, implementing the operator-operator dialogue, and also informing about the presence of emergency situations;

 I / O unit (BVB.01) - to collect information from nodes and working bodies of the power plant, its transformation and transmission to the CAN network;

 Hydraulic control unit 1 (BUG1.01) - for control of distribution coils, sections of EHS (overflow section, seeder fan);

 Hydraulic control unit 2 (BUG1.02) - for control of distribution coils;

 The transmission control unit (BUT.01) - for receiving information coming from the handle sensors and controlling the actuators;

 Control unit (CAN.01) - to convert the information on the status of the control panel buttons to the CAN signal;

 Control unit for taxiing (BR.01) - for controlling the taxiing of the bridge of the cabin of the UES;

 Gearbox control unit (BKP.01) - for controlling the gearbox, automatic differential and controlled bridge.

On the customer's order, the system can be manufactured with additional functions:

 Viewing the registration of fuel consumption on a personal computer, implemented with the help of the software "Fiscal agent";

 Remote diagnostics of the power plant, realized with the help of the remote monitoring terminal (TUM).

 Number of controlled parameters:

 Signals of turns - 2;

 Warning signals - 15;

 Alarms - 10.

The number of displayed parameters is 21.

The displayed information is presented in digital, analog, light, sound form and as a voice message.

The information displayed on the indicator board is divided into the following screens:

 Parameters of motion of the UES (motion screen);

 Technological modes of operation (work screen);


Note: if there is a deviation from the normal mode, a message appears on the current screen (regardless of which screen the fault occurred).

The system provides:

 On the menu screen the page "Advisor combiner", designed to calculate and display recommendations for selecting modes of operation of the UPS (speed, speed, etc.), as well as recommendations for troubleshooting;

 The possibility of disabling any control channel (except for the engine, driving lights and parking brake) in case of need or failure of the sensor with the corresponding display on the indicator screen and fixing the time of sensor shutdown;

 The possibility of changing the width of the gun (range of variation from 0.1 to9.9 m, discreteness -0.1 m) and wheel diameter with memorization of values ​​in non-volatile memory;

 General reset by the operator of indications for the current values ​​of the operating time, the distance traveled, the treated area;

 The possibility of resetting the meter of total indications of the passed track and the treated area, and the total operating time of the UES and the engine is excluded. Access to the possibility of resetting the total readings is done by a password known only to system manufacturers and dealers;

 Special key or password, in order to prevent incorrect selection or unauthorized changes in the values ​​of the wheel diameter, the width of the implement;

 Setting maintenance intervals (timers). By resetting the buzzer, which is activated after the timer expiration time, a predetermined period is set. Changing the settings for the time intervals of maintenance is carried out by a password known only to system manufacturers and dealers.

 The ability to collect and display emergency statistics and transfer of statistical data via a USB flash drive to a personal computer.

 Check of serviceability of sensors of resistive and inductive types and circuits of their connection with the issuance of information to the operator;

 Tracking, in remote mode, the operation parameters of the UES;

 The function of automatic driving ("autopilot"), which provides automatic driving of energy resources when performing technological operations using GPS technology;

 Function "headland". It ensures the memorization and execution in a certain sequence of operations performed by the operator during the turn of the UES;

 Programming, memorizing and subsequent playback of the sequence and duration of the power take-off time.

Degree of protection against penetration of foreign bodies and water according to GOST 14254-96:

 IP54 (category 2) for BTG;

 IP65 (Category 2) for other units.

Power supply system - from the on-board network of the UES with a nominal voltage of 24 V.