The system of control and management of the technological process of applying organic fertilizers SKVU-O.02

The SKVU-O.02 system is designed to control the main parameters and control the

technological process when introducing liquid organic fertilizers by spraying and applying surface liquid fertilizers.


Structurally, the system SKVU-O.02 consists of an indicating and control unit (BIU), a pulse sensor (speed) and connecting harnesses.

BIU serves to display information and control the technological modes of operation of the system. BIU is a monoblock on which the display panel and the control panel are located. BIU is installed in the tractor cab and is adjusted taking into account the design features by programming the source data from the system manufacturer.

The pulse sensor is designed to read information and transmit it for further processing in order to correctly display the system parameters. The sensor is attached to the wheel of the sprayer.

Harnesses serve to connect the components of the system to power and connect them to the machine (unit).

The display screen allows the operator to simultaneously monitor all the data of the current operation.

Information display - in analog, light, digital and sound form and in the form of text messages.

Number of controlled rod sections - 3; 5.

In the case of a change in the number of rod sections, the number of boom sections on the displayed screens and the number of toggle switches are correspondingly changed.

Operating temperature range from minus 10 ° C to plus 55 ° C.

Number of control channels 5 for three controlled rod sections and BIU 7 for five controlled rod sections.

Accuracy of fertilizer consumption is no more than 10%.

The system provides for the possibility of accumulating statistical information.

The system provides a choice of automatic and manual modes of operation.

The system is powered by the on-board tractor network with UH = 12 V.

The maximum power consumption is not more than 20 W.

The load current for each control channel is not more than 4 A.

The degree of protection of BIU provided by the enclosure, IP53 according to GOST 14254-96.