Voice Electronic Informers REI

They are intended for informing visually handicapped persons (visually impaired people) about public transport vehicles driving up to a stop or about access to social or any other infrastructure facilities.




There are two types of voice electronic informers:

  • REI-01 – they are installed inside and outside the social or any other infrastructure buildings (facilities);
  • REI-02 – they are installed in public transport vehicles.

REI Composition:

  • electronic module;
  • remote-control board.

A remote-control board transmits a modulated signal (code) at frequency 433,92 MHz.

An electronic module reproduces the following information:

  • REI-01 – social infrastructure building (facility) premises name;
  • REI-02 – name of a transport vehicle (for example, bus, trolleybus); route number; names of terminals.         

Note: The reproduced information is specified in every case at Customer’s request and stipulated in the delivery contract.

Operating temperature range is from minus 30ºC to plus 70ºC.

The level of protection ensured by the casing is IP54 according to GOST 14254-96.