Information-Management Systems for Bailing Machines SIU-P

They are intended for forming process monitoring of compression mass roll, control of binder (net) feed drive, control of binding, for issuing a binding termination signal, control of chamber opening and closing, calculation of rolls.

The system is manufactured in three versions:

  • SIU-P.01 – controls 8 parameters;
  • SIU-P.02 – controls 6 parameters;
  • SIU-P.03controls 5 parameters.

        SIU-P.01, SIU-P.02 systems are installed on bailing machines of PRM-150, PR-F-180 B, PR-F-110 B, PR-F-145 B type and similar to them. SIU-P.03 system is installed on bailing machines of PRL-150 A type.

System composition:

  • It consists of a monitor unit (BK), input-output unit (BVV), pulse sensors and connecting bunch.
  • BK serves for displaying information concerning control of operating modes; it is mounted in the tractor cab and is set up with regard to its design features by programming of initial data at the system manufacturer’s.
  • BVV serves for gathering and processing of information coming from the sensors and for control of bailing machine mechanisms; it is installed on the bailing machine.

  The systems provide a selection of manual and automated feed modes and a possibility of statistical (emergency) information reservation.

The system is powered by the tractor embedded network with the rated voltage 12 V.

Current consumption at operating supply voltage is 0,7 A maximum.

Mean-time-between-failures is 5 000 hours minimum.

System weight is 3,0 kg maximum

The protection level of the system’s BK and BVV ensured by the casing is IP53 according to GOST 14254-96.