Automated Control Systems of Bulk Fertilizer Consumption SAUR-SU

They are intended for automation of bulk fertilizer application and batching per unit area. The systems are installed on the aggregates of measured application of bulk fertilizers.

 The systems are manufactured in two types:

 System composition:

Parameters controlled:

The systems display the state of chokes – open, shut.

Regulation accuracy of fertilizer consumption is 10% maximum.

Control unit’s control current is 5 A maximum.

The systems perform automatic regulation of bulk fertilizer consumption depending on the selected fertilizer type, intertrack spacing, motion speed, power shaft revolutions.

Information displayed by the imaging unit is divided into screens:

main parameter screen (main screen);

settings screen;

“Hopper Loading” screen;

 “Task” screen.

The systems are powered by the tractor embedded network with the rated voltage 12 V.

Peak power consumption is 8 W maximum.

System weight is 6,0 kg maximum.

The protection level of control unit ensured by the casing is IP55; the protection level of imaging unit is IP54 according to GOST 14254-96.