On-Board Computer “Lida-1300”

It is intended for monitoring and optimization of the working process of “Lida-1300” combine harvester and for warning about deviation of operation mode parameters.

The computer is installed in “Lida-1300” combine harvester’s cab as an information display unit and ensures self-control of functionality.

The information displayed by computer is divided into screens:

  • harvesting mode (combine operation);
  • main parameters of movement (transport mode);
  • condition of sensors;
  • settings;
  • advices.

The computer displays parameter values in a specified range, including combine harvester speed; revolutions; combine harvester running time, motor, travel (current and total values), relative losses of grain after straw shaking and cleaning etc.

The computer provides monitoring of rotational speed of working parts and decrease of revolutions due to slipping or rotational speed being below a cutoff value; it provides acoustic alarm activation and highlighting of a relevant icon when the percentage of slipping is exceeded or rotational speed is below a cutoff value.

There are minimum two control channels (thrashing drum revolutions and fan revolutions), additional monitoring channels are constructively provided.

Computer features:

  • sending a warning beep if losses in any channel exceed maximum allowed level; setting and adjustment of grain loss sensor sensitivity depending of the kind of harvested crops;
  • a possibility to switch off any monitoring channel, if necessary, with display on the screen of the active values of units revolutions;
  • display illumination in the dark and display visibility on a bright sunny day;
  • reset of meter readings for current values of running time, travel and treated area;
  • mode of combine harvester emergency operating modes (decrease of revolutions below the threshold value, embedded network voltage reduction below the cutoff value) recording to nonvolatile memory;
  • recording format: the time of being in an emergency mode, emergency parameter name;
  • (acoustic and visual) signal transmission mode in case of fire in combine harvester’s flammable units.

Rated supply voltage of the computer is 12 V.

Peak power consumption is 20 W maximum.

Operating temperature range is from minus 10ºC to plus 45ºC.

Computer weight is 2,0 kg maximum.

The level of computer protection ensured by the casing is IP54 (casing II) according to GOST 14254-96.