Thank you for your interest shown in our company, designer and manufacturer of semiconductor discrete devices and electronic systems and devices for agricultural and motor and tractor machinery of the Republic of Belarus. 


For more than twenty-five years the private company “SKB West” develops and manufactures semiconductor devices of high quality and reliability (pulse diodes, noise diodes, stabilitrons), on-board information-management systems for combine harvesters, spraying machines, spreaders of solid mineral fertilizers, baling machines, weight-measuring apparatuses for preparation and dispensing of fodders, systems for laser marking and engraving of industrial products, units and sensors.

The products designed by “SKB West” combine the latest achievements of science and technology and are not inferior to the best world analogues, they correspond to the requirements of domestic operating conditions and have reasonable price parameters. In the current environment the company always shows a high level of design works, competitive and innovation products, it increases production output at the expense of domestic manufacture and ensures development and utilisation of innovation products at the Public Joint Stock Company (OAO) “Tsvetotron” as a batch manufacturer, expands delivery geography and improves the service basis. 


Our main objects are continual improvement of manufactured product design, enhancement and upgrade of operation technique and working process organization, improvement of quality and reliability of manufactured goods. A joint team of high skilled designers, production engineers, engineering and technical personnel and workers work at our company. Due to such creative and intellectual potential we ensure implementation of assigned tasks concerning the development and utilisation of up-to-date high-performance and reliable systems and devices.



Respectfully yours




Director of the private company “SKB West”

Research unitary company “SKB West” (Unitary company “SKB West”) was founded in 1986 by decree of the Council of Ministers of the USSR No.982 and pursuant to the Resolution of the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Belarus of 14.10.1991 it was transferred to the possession of the Republic of Belarus as a designer of electronic equipment and semiconductor devices for the needs of the national economy. By the order of Brest regional territorial fund of state property of 30.12.2009 No.946 in compliance with the Resolution of the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Belarus of 14.07.2008 No.1021 in the course of privatization the Public Joint Stock Company “Tsvetotron” (OAO “Tsvetotron”) was set up by means of transformation of Republican Unitary Company (RUP) “Zavod Tsvetotron” and Republican Research Unitary company (RUNIP) “SKB West”.